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WoodwookNj specializes in projects including Wine Cellars, Bars, Custom Millwork, Kitchens, Pergolas, and historical duplication projects. Dedicated to service, quality and craftsmanship, our attention to detail creates a truly authentic product that adds beauty and value to any home or business. However we are not limited to these categories. We have the ability to produce any type wood work imaginable.


Wine Cellar

We custom design and build with your choice of wood, color, and accessories options.

Millwork. WoodworkNj , our skilled craftsmen have the talent and patience to tackle your most challenging millwork projects. We work with a variety of clients at many different locations, including religious, commercial, residential and historical properties.As you approach a home, nothing makes a more memorable first impression than a beautiful custom wood door. A custom wood door represents your style and personality. At WoodworkNj Architectural Millwork, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and old-world craftsmanship. Our stunning wood doors contain the same quality as doors built more than a century ago. We build each of our doors with the same type of precision craftsman from the past worked a lifetime to achieve Craftsman.


Designed using the linear style made popular by Frank Lloyd Wright more than a century ago, this timeless look is a favorite choice in new construction. WoodWorkNj Historical has worked on all sized projects—from large, commercial buildings involving windows—to one-of-a-kind single sash replications for homes or small town churches. No matter what the project size, the experts at WoodworkNj work hard to recreate every precise detail, including matching profiles (sticking), glass, muntins, and hardward.

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